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Cold Weather Landscaping

March 16, 2010

Even through the winter, the landscaping work doesn’t stop here at Busch Gardens.

Some of our biggest winter projects involve trees. It’s the right time to cut crape myrtles, and a great time to examine our all of our trees.

Much of our park is wooded, and the rides that fly through these areas depend on our tree crew for safety. Winter maintenance involves clearing brush and young trees from under the coasters, and utilizing knowledge of growth habits to create a wide swath for the coasters’ passage. This major effort in the winter months sets the stage for regular inspections during our operating season.

Trees also mean leaves – and in our case, a lot of leaves. We remove the equivalent of 7½ tractor-trailer loads of leaf debris each year, and send them to a recycling facility. An equal amount is also dispersed on property.

And what’s that vine climbing in the trees? They aren’t good for a tree’s health, so consider taking care of this problem. But beware: the poison ivy may be leafless, but it is still an active vine for those allergic to it. You may also have invasive plants such as English ivy, Virginia creeper, or wisteria climbing where it shouldn’t be. Hopefully you can still reach all of it.

This kind of preparation in the winter helps us stay beautiful the rest of the year.

Landscaper at Busch Gardens

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