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My Favorite Weekend of the Year

August 26, 2010

All year our park educates and inspires our guests about conservation and the animals we have here at our park. However, we pick one special weekend each season to make these important messages a focus. It’s time for Wild Days at Busch Gardens this weekend, August 28-29.

Not only have we invited our famous friend, Julie Scardina, to do some shows in the Globe Theatre, but we’ve invited some of our friends from Busch Gardens in Tampa, too. One of the trainers coming from Tampa used to work in Williamsburg and although we are really excited to see her, what we really want to know is what animals she is bringing with her.

Guests will be able see all of their favorite animals with some fun additions for the weekend. The wolf trainers will be doing some special talks in Wolf Valley, the team at the Highland Stables will be doing some braiding demonstrations with the Clydesdales, animal shows with Julie Scardina in the Globe Theatre, as well as all over the park, with animals, all weekend long.

Although most of us can’t wait for Wild Days weekend, the week leading up to the event is a ton of work. Think about all of the extra cleaning you do when the in-laws come to visit and you can imagine our week. We also have rehearsals for trainers and animals to prepare them for the event.

Come see us for Wild Days. It is always my favorite weekend of the season.

For more information about the event, check out our website:

Animal Trainer at Busch Gardens

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