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The Ever Changing Circle Bed

August 16, 2010

My fellow landscapers at Busch Gardens call it “the circle bed” but guests know it as the large bed of flowers in front of Das Festhaus.

With each new season come new plants and a new design to the area. Through the years there have been numerous incarnations, from Maypoles to baskets elevated over the bed. This summer season, you’ll find the bed has become part of the “Clocktoberfest” experience of IllumiNights.

In winter, it has regularly featured violas over spring tulips but Christmas Town has changed that. A 50-foot tree occupies that space for the rest of the season, with an amazing light display.

No matter what the season, the plants in the circle bed have their work cut out for them. This bed receives full sun and is visible from near and far. This visibility requires a clear design to showcase the Festhaus building, while maintaining interest for photos of friends and family as they relax along the wall. Our plan involves seasonal changes of annual plant material, with routine maintenance, but otherwise very limited alterations between.

What will the next version look like? Fall normally brings lots of mums to the park. Perhaps some will make it over to Oktoberfest. Come check it out.

Do you have a favorite picture of the circle bed? I’d love to see it. Post it here.

Landscaper at Busch Gardens

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