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Beat the Heat

August 4, 2010

This summer has been a hot one, but it’s nice to work at a water park, because when it gets too hot, you can always cool off in one of our many pools. The water always looks so refreshing when it’s warm. It is amazing to be able to step in and cool off.

 Our Shallow Water Guards and Lifeguards wear bathing suits and can enjoy cooling off throughout the day. We even put some towels on ice that they could drape around their shoulders. We provide water coolers at all of our attractions for our employees to stay hydrated. We even gave popsicles out to team members on their breaks recently.

This weekend we saw a huge crowd at our park trying to beat the heat. I spoke to many guests who just wanted to cool down. I always recommend Hubba Hubba Highway but I saw many people lying on the beach of the wave pool. I even walked by H2O UFO many times this weekend and saw parents sitting in the water while their children played.

There are many ways to keep cool this summer, so why not do it while having some fun? Come see us at Water Country USA, the best place to beat the heat.


Park Operations at Water Country USA

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