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June 17, 2010

During the Olympics my favorite sport to watch is high diving. That’s why I am so excited to announce Water Country USA’s new show, AQUABATICS! The show includes six talented men, David, Chris, Eric, John, Paul and Grant performing amazing stunts, tricks and acrobatics right before your eyes. These competitive divers and gymnasts come from all over the United States. One of them has even been cliff diving in Acapulco. The grace and skill you see when they perform is amazing.

Witness up-close extreme diving, as well as over-the-top gymnastics with an energy you’ve never seen before. But make sure to stay until the end for the best part of the performance when one of our divers jumps from the top of the highest tower, 75 feet in the air. There are two divers who brave the highest tower, Dave and Paul. I remember years ago coming to the park and watching the diver jump from the old high dive. It was a crowd favorite and I’m glad we brought it back this year.

I watched the show a few times this weekend to see how our guests felt about the show. I didn’t realize how big the crowd was until I turned around to see all the guests standing behind the theater. There are always tons of “oooos” and “ahhhs” when the final dive is performed.

Come out and see the show to watch their extreme talent and enjoy a high-energy show that keeps you amazed from start to finish. After the show our performers come down to greet the audience. Ask them questions, talk about their stunts, or just wave a friendly hello. You can even get your picture taken with the group. They love having their pictures taken with the kids.

We hope to see you this summer. You won’t want to miss our new show, AQUABATICS!

Park Operations Manager at Water Country USA

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