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What Sort of Gardener Are You?

June 15, 2010

My career as a gardener started out quite innocently. My goal was to make my yard different from everybody else’s. (Think about all the possible ways that could go wrong.) My flowerbeds kept getting larger and larger in order to hold all the plants I wanted to grow. The polite term would be “plant collector.” I continued to offer homes to numerous plants which soon turned me from “plant collector” to “compulsive hoarder.”

That’s when I decided to come work at Busch Gardens. Here I would have the opportunity to play around with and learn about more plants than I could ever hope to get to work with on my own. Not only is there more variety in the plant materials themselves, but also in the conditions where they are placed. There is a great deal to learn with each new season. I’ve also had the opportunity to learn about trimming topiary and caring for roses, both of which I enjoy.

Most of those who work in the landscape department have many years of experience in the field. Some even have more than 20 years experience. I’m proud to say that a strong work ethic, attention to detail and a desire to work with plants has helped me achieve the most fun job I’ve ever had.

Landscaper at Busch Gardens

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  1. Cheryl Bursch permalink
    June 15, 2010 10:41 am

    My life into horticulture has an interesting story. I grew up with my mom not able to dooutdoor gardening because of renting houses and apts.So she grew everything possible inside. Always strange & interesting plants growing in windowsills all over the place. As soon as I bought a house on 5 acres she was there getting her hands dirty and showing me how to garden. Her father was an excellent vegetable gardener also so he helped out too. Trees, shrubs perennials, herbs fruit veggies- you name it! My mom found her passion and did a career change in her late 40’s. Interior plantscaping jobs turned into her own business – “The Plant Lady”. Sadly just as she got her business going – she passed away at 54 from an anaphalactic reaction.
    She had asked me over & over to learn her business with her but I was working in the corporate world and “never had time”. After the devastation of losing her when I was 30, I swore that her passion would become mine. It has. I went to work for florists, interior plantscaping and nurseries. Master gardener in 2 counties and achieved my certification in Horticulture a few years ago.
    At this time however I am a dislocated worker, managing the paint dept @ Home Depot, and need to find my way back to my fream. Your story inspires me.I have always dreamed of working at Busch Gardens and now thanks to this blog have an inspiration—

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