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Animals Up-Close Tour

June 1, 2010

Here at Busch Gardens we offer many behind-the-scenes tours. From roller coasters to gardening, we give you a chance to get a closer look at how the park operates.

Since I am a self-professed animal nerd, my favorite tours are the ones that get you up-close and personal with some of our Animal Ambassadors. The Animals Up-Close Tour invites you behind the scenes to our zoo building. There, your tour guides introduce you to a variety of animals. You may have the opportunity to meet Ellie our two-toed sloth, touch Oscar the alligator or feed Digger our six-banded armadillo. Each tour is different so you could come back again and meet a whole new group of animals.

This is also my favorite tour for kids. There is nothing better than the look on their face when I ask them to help me hold the alligator.

The tour is approximately 30 minutes and a whole lot of fun. Guests learn all about how we care for our animals, as well as the conservation efforts made by all of the Busch Gardens and SeaWorld parks.

When you come to Busch Gardens this summer, join us on one of our tours. You can book them on-line or at the reservation area when you first enter the park.

Animal Trainer at Busch Gardens

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