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Starting a Career in the Operations Industry

May 31, 2010

Looking back through my career with the park, I never thought I’d be where I am today. I started working at Busch Gardens for a summer job while I was in high school. I had several friends who worked here and told me how fun it was. I got my first job as an Area Hostess in Festa Italia. I continued to come back each year and worked throughout high school and college.

During my third season I thought I might be interested in a leadership position. I applied for the position of a line-level supervisor at the Battering Ram and Flying Machine in Italy, and was given the job. I continued at this level for the next two seasons, then applied for the next level, and accepted that position. I continued to apply myself, come out of my shell and learn to be a leader over the years. All of these actions aided in my success climbing the ladder in the Operations department.

I learned early on that no two days are the same when you work in the theme park industry, and definitely not the same in the Operations Department. I’ve completed training classes that have helped me improve my leadership skills and have taught me a lot about myself and my abilities

Having strong Leadership Skills in key in this industry, and the ability to continually improve upon my own skills has helped me to be successful. I’ve completed training classes that have helped me develop have taught me a lot about myself and my skills. A degree isn’t a must, but it is helpful. It is great to take what you’ve learned in a classroom setting and put to work in the field.

Working in the Operations Industry proves to be rewarding and tiresome at the same time. Being able to assist guests in the park, show new team members what we are about and mentoring my subordinate leadership team is what makes the job a lot of fun. Hope to see you in the park soon.

Park Operations Manager at Busch Gardens

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  1. May 31, 2010 10:14 am

    Is your job seasonal still or year round? Hourly or Salary?

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