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Don’t Try This at Home

May 25, 2010

We’ve had a lot going on lately in Ireland, and during your visit you probably noticed some interesting plants in the area. One is a huge vine that we use to cover the seating areas beside Grogan’s Grill. If you manage to time your visit just right, you’ll be able to enjoy the lovely purple or white flower clusters as well as the fragrance they provide. The whole village is engulfed with the wonderful scent of wisteria.

While it’s beautiful in bloom and helps provide shade for our guests, it’s very aggressive in its growth habit. The ends will twine into roofing tiles, window openings, air conditioners and anything else that’s available. It must be maintained regularly so the growing tips don’t hang down where guests will be walking. The majority of wisteria here at the park is in Ireland, but you may notice some in New France and Italy as well. Its bad habits require about two hours maintenance per week to keep it under control.

Another climber you’ll see in Ireland is the Lady Banks rose. This plant is not as aggressive as the wisteria, and the small double roses are quite beautiful. The bloom period is fairly short, while its wandering tendencies continue throughout the season. The one in Ireland is attached to the wall and requires less maintenance than other places (such as a split-rail fence or as a free-standing plant). No matter the location, the whips still need to be controlled.

While these plants are extremely beautiful, they would be difficult for you to deal with at your home. You’ll find it much more enjoyable to visit these two here at the park. Let us worry about these pretty problem plants.

Horticulturist at Busch Gardens

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  1. Teresa permalink
    May 25, 2010 9:19 am

    I am not a gardener, but I greatly appreciate the work of those who are!!! Sometimes, I come to BG just to walk around at the end of the work day and enjoy the gardens.

    The BG staff is the best!!!!!

  2. Milissa permalink
    May 25, 2010 11:27 am

    Thanks for the great blog. Busch Gardens is so beautiful. I like gardening and appreciate all the hard work that goes into the BG landscape.

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