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Meet Diane

May 24, 2010

Here at Wolf Haven our show America’s Forgotten Predator, not only focuses on wolves, but another North American predator, the Harris Hawk. The reason we feature a Harris Hawk is because they are called the “Wolves of the Air.” Our ambassador Harris Hawk is named Diane. Diane is a free-flighted bird, which means she is trained to fly freely and come back to her trainer. This is really great, not only for people to see, but also for Diane. She gets to exercise her wings and get lots of stimulation. This training also helps her develop a bond with the trainers.

Diane joined the Wolf Haven team this past winter. She came to us from our sister park, SeaWorld Orlando. She was hatched in human care and is 19 years old. Some of her favorite activities include flying, sun bathing and splashing in her pool.

If you’d like to see Diane fly, and learn more about a unique predator, come by Wolf Haven at one of the times listed on the Busch Gardens’ park map.

Senior Animal Trainer at Busch Gardens

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  1. Teresa permalink
    May 24, 2010 4:18 pm

    Seeing her will be a treat!! I am looking forward to watching her.

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