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Trees Can Be Recycled, Too

May 5, 2010

Sometimes you can’t help it, and a tree has to be removed. Maybe it’s grown too close to a ride or building. Perhaps there’s disease or storm damage. It might even be the wrong plant for the space. It’s not the plant’s fault, but it has to be fixed.

In any of these situations, Busch Gardens makes every effort to recycle these trees to new homes. Sometimes the trees are small, and can be dug out and moved. A plant may no longer be appropriate for use within the park, but can be used as screening material around the perimeter or parking areas.

I think some of our best recycled trees are those that have been cut down and utilized by the animal exhibits here at Busch Gardens. The tree crew routinely uses smaller branches to build perches for the exotic birds. This year they even cut and attached straight trunks to the support beams inside the aviary exhibit.

Also, this past winter, a 12-foot log weighing more than 1,000 pounds was maneuvered onto the wolf stage to be used in the programs.

So remember, when you visit our animal shows look for some of our recycling efforts.

Horticulturist at Busch Gardens

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