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All About Tuttle

April 16, 2010

When I first started working in the Zoo department I met Tuttle, a six-year-old Blue Fronted Amazon parrot. Tuttle is very smart, and will pick up sounds and words very quickly. We have to be very careful about what we say in front of him. There’s no complaining about the boss in front of Tuttle.

He was hand raised by my supervisor Hope, and sounds exactly like her. Often when I am in our zoo building, I hear “Whatcha’ doin.” I turn around expecting to see Hope and there’s Tuttle.

When I first started working with him I taught him to mimic sounds of other animals. Now we often hear cats, dogs and roosters around the building. Our next step is to teach him to sing “Old MacDonald.” Basically, I have to hang out with Tuttle and sing the song over and over to him. My prediction is that he will learn the “E-I-E-I-O” first. Although I am having fun spending time with Tuttle, I don’t think my teammates are enjoying the process. I am a terrible singer.

Here’s a video of Tuttle with our Animal Care Specialist Lauren.

Make sure to stop by and see him at Busch Gardens’ Conservation Station this summer.

Animal Care Supervisor at Busch Gardens

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