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How Much Does This Rabbit Weigh?

April 7, 2010

Coconut, our Giant Flemish Rabbit, is approximately 15 pounds. Yes … a 15-pound rabbit.

Our Animal Care Specialist Lauren with Coconut

Weighing our animals is one of the most important responsibilities we have in caring for them. Here at Busch Gardens, we call it “Weight Wednesday.” Every Wednesday we put almost every animal we have on the scale.

Some of our animals, like our parrots, are trained to stand on a scale. Each week we compare the current weight with the previous week and last year’s weight. This is a great way to ensure our animals are staying healthy. Weight gain or loss could be the first sign that an animal is sick. However, it is not always a negative thing.

Shakespeare, our Frilled Lizard, is very young and we are monitoring his weight gain as he grows. Luke Tree Walker, our Virginia Opossum, was overweight but is beginning to slim down as he gets more active.

Would you like to weigh your pet at home? Here’s an easy way to do it. First make sure to ask for an adult’s help. Next, stand on your scale and write down your own weight. Ask an adult to help you hold your cat or dog and step on to the scale one more time. Record the new weight. Was there a difference? Now subtract the first weight from the second and you will know your pet’s weight.

Animal Care Specialist at Busch Gardens

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