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Celtic Fyre Q & A

April 2, 2010

We recently sat down with our Entertainment blogger, Phil, to find out what preparations were needed for the new show Celtic Fyre. He gave us a behind-the-scenes look into the creative process for this particular show.

What is the process of creating a new show?
Creating a show involves many different factors. It begins with a creative plan, followed by a team which is put into place to begin the creative process. From this come the ideas for the show, the script, music, costumes, lights, choreography and all other elements that are needed for the show. We take these ideas and make a production schedule that outlines what needs to be done at what time. Then it’s off to the races to meet the timelines and prepare for rehearsals.

How is the set designed?
For Celtic Fyre we hired a scenic designer, Wally Coberg, to design a set that fit our show’s objectives in the creative process. Wally was involved in an extensive amount of meetings over this past year and produced a few different looks for the stage. The set was built by a company in Philadelphia, shipped here in two tractor trailers, and assembled on-site by the scenic company. There was a great amount of research done to make sure we developed something that was truly authentic.

Who developed the music score?
The music was a collaboration between Colm O’Fouglu, the composer for Riverdance, and our own music director. The music was recorded in Dublin and Tennessee. We also incorporated live musicians in the show.

How many costumes were made for Celtic Fyre?
Excluding tights and shoes, there were nearly 250 costume pieces made for Celtic Fyre.

How does the costume design process work?
The costume designer evaluates the costume needs based on a script or character requirements. Designers take into account the time period, cultural background, location, theater conditions (inside or outside), and required movement when designing costumes for a show. They specify the colors and types of fabrics required for each portion of the costume and a “swatch” (small piece of the intended fabric) is kept with the drawing for reference.

Who designs the costumes?
Many of our costumes are designed by the creative team on staff in the Entertainment department at Busch Gardens. However, there are some shows that are outsourced to other costume designers. Regardless of where it was designed, the costumes are still made here in our shop.

How does the audition process work?
Each audition is structured with a schedule broken up into calls for dancers, musicians, singers/other talents and Stage Manager/Technician interviews. Information on audition dates at Busch Gardens or on our annual audition tour can be found at Information on what is required for each type of audition can also be found at this address.

How large is the cast?
There are 25 performers in any given show, but it takes 35 people to staff the show overall to allow for days off each week. Three of the dancers in the cast are from Ireland.

We hope this gives you a little inside look at the workings behind Celtic Fyre. Make sure to come out and watch the show to see how the production turned out.

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  1. April 2, 2010 7:27 pm

    The new show is wonderful!! It captures the excitement of a celebration. The wedding reception theme is a solid foundation for the music and dance numbers.

  2. David permalink
    April 3, 2010 10:06 am

    Celtic Fyre sounds awesome, Phil … I can’t wait to see it.

    QUESTION: At the shows, will there be reserved seats held for Platinum Pass members, as is the case at some of your sister parks?

  3. Tina Barham permalink
    April 19, 2010 8:37 am

    We were at Busch Gardens on April 17 and saw the Celtic Fyre show. It was awesome. I had not seen the previous show, but this was probably the best show I had seen at Busch Gardens. Loved it! Loved It! Loved It! Great Job.

  4. David permalink
    June 1, 2010 8:02 am

    Are you all blind the show is so so bad. i will never set foot inside that park again the other show was much better.

    BUT i have heard from other people that the other show is coming back to America to perform somewhere near with a brand new show. i will be sure to go see it

    i will keep you updated on the where abouts of the show

  5. Rubylee L. permalink
    June 8, 2010 3:36 pm

    LOVE the show. My friends and I live in Hampton Roads and frequent Busch Gardens about every Saturday. We make it a point to see the show EVERY time we go up there.

    It’s pretty cool to see the cast play alternate roles, but my friends and I have our favorites.

    The tappers are AMAZING! 🙂 And you-know-who kills them toe stands 😉

    I love the brunette dancer as bride (and I’ve told her that too), sorry I don’t know any names.. but I’ve seen her as a bridesmaid too.

    NO ONE is disliked, but preferences are inevitable. 🙂 Soon enough I’ll learn your names!

    Love, r3r3

    • Jackie permalink
      June 11, 2010 2:17 pm

      Sorry to say. It’s not very original. There is a couple of dancers that are very good. Having said that it seems to have been thrown together in a short period of time. The dance steps and movements have been done before. I don’t think it will last to be honest. Will not be in to see it again.

    • Samsonite permalink
      August 11, 2010 1:31 am

      Idk about you but my favorite is the tall brown haired fellow…he was pretty handsome 😉 haha im lame.

  6. Brian permalink
    June 18, 2010 8:50 am

    Thank you Jakie

    At least someone sees what i see. Yes the choreograph has been done in Irish thunder before O wait the guy who does the choreography now was in Irish Thunder. And yes the show looks as if it was just put together in a few days and its not an irish dance show anymore just a play a school play to be honest

    LAME LAME LAME thats all i can say

    give me your opinion

  7. Aiden permalink
    July 8, 2010 3:44 am

    I laughed, I cried…it was better than CATS!!

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