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Backstage with Jack Hanna

March 27, 2010

For Pass Member Preview Day, March 20, we wanted to celebrate the beginning of a new season in style with Jack Hanna. Pass Member Preview Day is a day when Busch Gardens opens early for its Pass members to enjoy before the official park opening. In this case, Jack Hanna, one of the most notable animal experts in the world, was our special guest.

Imagine being backstage with your favorite rock star. Now add two baby bears, a red-ruffed lemur, spider monkey, kangaroo and various other animals … that was my weekend. Most of our zoological team members have followed Jack Hanna’s career since we were kids. He is a funny, down-to-earth guy with an abundance of animal facts. Just name any animal and Jack can tell you a hilarious story about his adventures with them. We are thrilled every time he visits Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Va.

Jack and his team performed five shows in the Globe Theatre, as well as breakfast and lunch shows with some of our guests. In between shows, the team still had work to do. Jack’s team needed to feed the baby bears their bottles, Maya the spider monkey needed her banana, Robin the ram needed some hay and Dennis Hopper the red kangaroo needed a nap. They also needed to prepare for the next show. For Amber the red-ruffed lemur, that meant checking her appearance in the mirror.

Here’s a video I shot from backstage while everyone was getting ready.

Overall, Pass Member Preview Day with Jack Hanna was a blast. Many thanks to Jack Hanna, his team and all of our new and returning pass members. What a great way to kick off the season.

Animal Care Specialist at Busch Gardens

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